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GAFF-E - Freitag - 23:00 - Kulturacker

Gaff E is a wild cosmic woman and technicolour chameleon of style catapulting around the world rebelliously liberating bodies everywhere. In a defiant demonstration of self expression and play, Gaff E dares to show others there is an alternative way; their own way. Her passion for challenges and collaborative projects has cast her on a riotous international tour of continuous creativity – DJ’ing, modelling, styling, performing, dancing, directing, and producing subversive, psychedelic, empowering electronic music with teeth and claws. Gaff E has DJ'd and performed around the world touring the global queer and cosmic scenes; shared stages with the likes of Peaches, Charli XCX, Geneva Jacuzzi, Actually Huizenga, Chicks in Speed, Christeene,Major Lazer, Hercules Love Affair, Ylva Falk, Le1f, My Bad Sister and iOTA. A true Punk Disco Queen, Gaff-E transcends genres flying her own divine style and thrives on sharing her cosmic performances and happy music to connect people with their true selves and ultimate freedom.


Kloster 9 e.V.

Rheingauer Volksbank

IBAN: DE95 5109 1500 0000 1015 40